YSM (Yahoo Search Marketing)

Yahoo Search Marketing is a pay-per-click promoting platform just like Google AdWords or Microsoft adCenter. The rate of your PPC depends on both your bid and your Quality Score. The ad’s click-through rate leads to you quality score and show your ad’s importance to the keyword and the landing page it sends users to.

Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo is a famous search engine that attracts many searches all through the day. A firm can take the most advantage of Yahoo search engine by having promotions across Yahoo search results. We are a leading IT solutions firm that offers expert Yahoo search selling or buying control services at fair prices. We are able to work on different PPC platforms including Yahoo Search Marketing. All PPC platforms are almost the same but they have some differences. This is where the role of an online marketing agency comes into picture. We have the gift, base and tools for great control of Yahoo Search Marketing drives.

Our best PPC practices for the Yahoo platforms:

Our search selling and buying experts learn about your firm and clients. They then plan the YMS drive with our creative search engine selling and buying methods for your business. Some of our specific methods are: Create small, focused ad groups that ensure importance between ads and landing pages. Thorough keyword studies to find the best keywords that cost you less and gets wanted traffic. Make use of the keyword in bold forms in ad text to show that ad is important. Send users to an important and improved landing page to increase conversions. Create many ads; at least two per group

YSM Selling and buying drive

Before you start your Yahoo search selling and buying drive, our experts first learn your business and the place you run in your industry. After doing this, our experts make a full search of keywords to find the most beneficial keywords for your firm. Special tools like, “Track Yahoo Search Ads “and “Keyword Research Tool” are work well in doing wide keyword study and finding the best keywords. After we finish the study and make the last keywords, we start planning the drive using our creative search engine buying and selling methods. Making the promotion seen in the search engine is not our end step in the drive. Our next step is watching and tracking the ads keenly, so that your site stays in the top place of the Yahoo visitors’ choice list.

Yahoo Search Buying and Selling Services

Selling using Search engine has a new meaning with the start of Yahoo Search Selling services. Yahoo offers supported search engine selling services based on keywords. This is after buying Overture Services Inc., which was earlier known as GoTo.com. If you want to boost your business past the usual ways of search selling and buying then Yahoo Search buying and selling would be a perfect option for you. We know how to do Yahoo promoting campaigns well with a focus on bid drive creation, control and tracking. If you want to work on the Yahoo Promotion you have or want to start a new one to reach very many people, we can help you get it done well and quickly.


We are an accomplished and skilled group of enthusiastic advisors who live and breathe search engine marketing. We have created search systems for driving brands to little and medium measured organizations crosswise over numerous businesses in the US and around the world.

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