Business Reputation Management

In business, reputation counts. In world where it is easier to share views with everybody in the world, terrible review, critical blog post or complaint from the former employee can be a first thing that the potential customer sees. Impact on business can be devastating. The social media and web are where the companies spend plenty of money and time to build the brand value. It is also a place where the customers share their feedback and opinions about the experiences with brand. Unfortunately, many customer feedback as well as complaints about products, companies, and services are been ignored or without reply on the social media. It is the missed opportunity. The online management services are best solution to build great reputation online or to regain this in the prompt way.

Why you must use the reputation management services?

Reputation management services online will help businesses and individuals both to: • Maintain and build the positive web presence, so it is a first things that potential customer sees on internet. • Help the business to improve and speed the market intelligence, competitive research, product development, and customer service. • Identify any weak signals, positive and negative sentiment about content and keywords to target to your audience by SEO or social media marketing. In order, to make most of the reputation management services, first you have to understand what is said about your business on internet. To know what people have to say about the company, you require technology that will understand language that is used by the customers to express on the social media. Using the cognitive technology, you may understand unique aspects of the social language, which includes jargon, slang, abbreviations, acronyms, to hear & comprehend intent, preferences, sentiment, and trends to what customers and market, have to say about your company or brand. Learn how you can convert the social media conversations for business intelligence with XXX. Contact us now for free demo!

Importance of the Business Reputation

Reputation of the business is necessary for its survival. Confidence and trust of consumer will have the direct and the profound effect on the company’s bottom line. Currently, importance of the reputation has become more and more apparent, as the companies like Toyota and BP had to cultivate the responses to crises to maintain standing and reputation of the companies to the entire world. In past, the businesses relied on the word of mouth of their stakeholders to establish, maintain and build the reputations. In the modern age of the social networking, web sites, and methods of the instant communication, businesses should be conscientious of the reputations on constant basis and stay responsive for any crisis that might have impact on the reputation. If the organization has good reputation in marketplace, the consumers might have preference for a company even though there are the similar businesses offering same products and services for the different prices. Reputation of the organization will enable the company to differentiate the product in very competitive markets, and allow this to have the premium pricing, and will become ultimate factor whether the customer opts to patronize a business over other. Research also shows, that due to the increased demand for the healthier foods, the organic products, or environmentally friendly food, the companies have started to distinguish the products through the food labeling, as well as are noticing that the consumers are keen to pay the premium rate for the labels that are been considered to have prestigious reputation than the others.

Increase the profitability and establish in a market

Organizations who are looking to build the reputations will do so in many ways to increase the profitability and establish in a market. 1. Stay responsive: Return the calls and answer all the emails promptly, letting customer to know the importance to you & your organization. 2. Give value: Giving free services to your loyal customers as well as paying attention on details or preferences of customer will go very long way in establishing the company’s reputation in market. 3. Stay sensitive to your privacy: With hacking and identity theft, being aware of sensitive nature of the financial information is important than before. 4. Communicate transparently and effectively: Correspondence like emails, letters, voicemails as well as other methods of the communication must be direct and at point. You can use right spelling or grammar and leave the contact information for customer & company information like full name, phone, address, website URL, fax, number, hours as well as other information –will be displayed in the prominent location. 5. Maintain polished & professional website: Having clean, updated, professional web site is vital today, irrespective of type and size of the business.

Ten main components of the organizational reputation

American study indicates that there are 10 main components of the organizational reputation that is used in the reputation measurement systems: 1. Employees and workplace: organization has got talented employees, and treats the people well, as well as is the appealing workplace. 2. Ethics: organization behaves ethically, also is admirable, worthy of respect, as well as trustworthy. 3. Financial performance: organization is strong financially, has record of profitability as well as has growth prospects. 4. Management: organization is nicely managed, has quality management, as well as has clear vision for future. 5. Leadership: organization is the leader than the follower, and is also innovative. 6. Customer focus: organization cares about or is strongly committed to their customers. 7. Social responsibility: organization recognizes the social responsibilities, as well as supports good causes. 8. Reliability: organization stands behind the products or services, and gives consistent service. 9. Quality: organization offers best quality of products or services. 10. Emotional appeal: it’s the organization that I feel good, is kind and fun. Some additional components were also found in some systems studied and these included value, presence, differentiation, as well as communication quality.


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